FOOD For Lane County assists residents who lost food during power outages

Food for Lane County building in Eugene.
Rachael McDonald/KLCC
FOOD For Lane County is offering extra food supplies for people who lost groceries during the ice storm.


Some Lane County residents are still without power after last week’s ice storm. FOOD For Lane County is among the local nonprofits offering help.

Without refrigeration or a way to cook, many residents had to throw away their food. And for people who are food insecure, this is a huge hardship.

Rebecca Sprinson is Development Director at FOOD For Lane County. She said people who receive SNAP benefits can apply for reimbursement for food lost during the storm.

“We also understand that navigating that can be difficult, and families may be stressed by a lot of factors right now,” Sprinson said. “And we hope that they know that they can turn to the resources that FOOD For Lane County provides to meet food needs if they’re in that position.”


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By Rachael McDonald, KLCC