Partner Agency Zone

Who are Partner Agencies?

The entire food banking system is built on partnerships and collaboration. While FOOD For Lane County administers many of its own programs, we rely on our network of approved partner agencies to distribute the majority of the food we collect. All FFLC Partner Agencies are independent non-profit or religious organizations.

FOOD For Lane County enables the county to operate one local food distribution center and system, thereby saving individual charities the high cost of storage, personnel, and transportation which would be required to receive large food donations directly. These economies of scale allow for the most efficient and effective use of both food and financial donations.

Unlike most other food banks around the country, we do not charge our agencies a fee to receive food from us. While this increases the amount of money that we need to raise annually, we feel it is another way we can support our Partner Agencies, who are often small non-profits with limited budgets and fundraising capabilities. By providing food to our Partner Agencies, they can focus their time and resources on their areas of expertise, strengthening the community safety net.

To ensure that our food supply supports the network of partners distributing food across Lane County, we currently are not accepting applications for new partner agencies. If you have questions about joining our waitlist, please contact our Partner Agency Services Manager here.

Partner Agency Log in

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Partner Agency Survey!

It’s that time of year! Please take 10-15 minutes this month to fill out our annual Partner Agency Survey, which helps us know how to better provide service to you.

Who can answer? Anyone at your organization who interacts with our department as part of your food program. Last year we collected 84 responses – this year our goal is 100!

Survey responses are anonymous (we will not see whose email is associated with their response), but this form does collect your email so that we can provide FFLC branded tote bags to 10 random survey responders at the end of the month.

This survey runs until September 30th!

Compliance Requirements

Annual Staff and Volunteer Training Log (required to keep up-to-date copy onsite)

Civil Rights Manual (2017) (required to have onsite or be able to access electronically)

Pest Control Log (required if you do not have a paid preventative service- note you will be asked to show the receipt during your annual site visit)

Recall Documentation Folder (required to be able to access electronically)

Temperature Log (required for all refrigerators, freezers, and dry storage areas)

TEFAP Manual (2019) (required to have onsite or be able to access electronically)

USDA TEFAP Sign In (Form 4) (2023 version) (required for all agencies accessing TEFAP)

And Justice For All- Green Bilingual Version

Hand Washing Signs (English and Spanish)

FA Frozen Meat Guidelines (Bilingual)

Fresh Alliance Date Posters (English and Spanish)

Rights and Responsibilities (English and Spanish)

1A Public Pantry Additional Required Postings

2023 USDA TEFAP Income Guidelines (English and Spanish)

Faith-Based Organizations Additional Required Postings and Info

FAQ about Faith-Based/ Religious Organizations

TEFAP Religion Referral Notice Poster (English and Spanish) (Only required for faith-based organizations)

Religious Activity Definition & Examples

Each year, our partners’ regular staff and volunteers must watch Oregon Food Bank’s Civil Rights & Confidentiality and Food Safety training videos and fill out the Annual Staff and Volunteer Training Log. One-time volunteers should review training brochures before volunteering.

FFLC Orientation (for new PA coordinators)

Annual Staff and Volunteer Training Log (required to keep updated and have onsite)

FOOD For Lane County’s Partner Agency Orientation Video

FOOD For Lane County’s Partner Agency Manual

How to Place an Order- Primarius Instructions

Inventory Codes Guide

Shoppers Guide

Warehouse Guidelines

Required Civil Rights Training

Civil Rights Brochure (English and Spanish)

Civil Rights and Confidentiality Training Video (English and Spanish) (required annually for all staff and volunteers)

Civil Rights Manual (2017) (required to have onsite or be able to access electronically)

Required Food Safety Training

Get Your Food Handler Card

  • There must always be one person on-site at partnered distributions that has a valid and up-to-date food safety certification. For meal sites, this must be a valid food handler card. For pantries and similar programs, this can be a food handler card or a ServSafe for Food Banking certificate.

Food Safety Brochure (English and Spanish)

  • For one-time and/or first-time volunteers who do not have a food handlers’ card or haven’t watched the Food Safety Training Video and signed the Annual Staff and Volunteer Training Log.

Food Safety Training Video (English and Spanish) (required annually for all staff and volunteers who don’t have a food handlers card)

TEFAP Manual (2019) (required to have onsite or be able to access electronically)

Oregon Food Handlers Manual (English and Spanish)

Forms and Resources

Food Hero

Good and Cheap – Free downloadable cookbook!

USDA Recipe Library

Monthly Reporting