Work Experience Program

Overview and Purpose: FFLC recruits participants from the major shelter organizations in our community to create a stronger pathway to employment for unhoused (yet sheltered) individuals who are stabilizing and have support from shelter organizations (including St. Vincent de Paul, Eugene Mission, SquareOne Villages, Everyone Village, Community Supported Shelters, and Carry It Forward). This effort provides a pathway into employment (to support the journey toward becoming housed), and provides a pipeline of trained workforce for local employers. The Eugene Chamber is helping facilitate this process, as one aspect of our efforts to address the homeless crisis.

Objectives of FFLC’s Work Experience Program:

  • Demonstrate work readiness
  • Ability to adhere to safe work practices
  • Competence in inventory control and all warehousing operations + using standard warehousing equipment, including forklift, pallet jacks, and electronic scales
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • NOTE: Here is the current Skills Tracker, where job skills (e.g., safety, picking orders, customer service) AND job readiness skills (e.g., attendance, work ethic, cooperation, accountability) are part of the training and evaluation process.

Details of FFLC’s Work Experience Program:

  • 14 weeks (held quarterly starting Jan, April, July, Oct)
  • 20 hours per week (am and pm shifts) at either of FFLC warehouses in West Eugene
  • Participants receive $17/hour + basic attire, a voucher for boots and bus pass if needed
  • Low-barriers to participation: interest in having a job in warehouse work after the training, background check, conversational interview
  • Leave with a certificate of completion, general letter of recommendation, general warehouse equipment experience such as pallets jacks, pallet wrappers, forklifts, inventory software, food handler’s card, and skills noted above.
  • Great way for those who have been out of the workforce for a while, or want to change industries, to gain experience for a job in warehouse work.

For more information please contact John Ross, Operations Director, at 541-343-2822 ext. 153.