Food drives and donations of nonperishable items

There have been a lot of posts circulating on social media recently about food banks not needing donations of non-perishable foods from food drives. Here’s what Brad Bassi, our Food Resource Developer, would like the community to know:

Food drives and donations of nonperishable items remain an important part of the work that we do here at FOOD For Lane County.  Over the years, our food supply has changed dramatically. When we first started food banking, nearly all of our food was non-perishable, but as relationships with farms, grocery stores, dairies, and distributors grew, we started to see much more fresh food in our food system. Now, a majority of the food that we distribute is perishable. While this means that wonderful produce and other healthy, fresh foods are available to our clients, it also means that the product must be utilized quickly. 

When you run a drive for us, you provide us with a wide variety of quality non-perishable food that we’re able to store. It also allows our clients a little more time to consume the food. The quality, quantity, and variety of food that comes in through food drives is excellent and we would be in a difficult position without these items.

Thank you, as always, for your support.