The Rising Cost of Food Means that $1 Now Provides 2 Meals

Inflation has a direct impact on the people who turn to us for help. When food-insecure homes must spend more on food, they have less money for other basic necessities — like rent, utilities and transportation.

That’s when FFLC steps in to fill the gap, and we can only do that with your continued financial support. Because of rising food costs, more people are seeking food assistance from FFLC and its countywide network. Food is often the only item in a household budget with any wiggle room.

two day kitchen volunteers in aprons and gloves in front of a cutting board in the FFLC Day Kitchen

FFLC is also experiencing the impact of inflation. In addition to higher food costs, we are seeing increased costs of collecting, storing and distributing food. We are also purchasing select food items to supplement the free food donations that we typically collect and distribute. For all those reasons, for each $1 donated to FFLC, we can provides the equivalent of two meals.

With the help of generous donors and volunteers like you, FFLC and its community partners will respond to the growing demand for food assistance in a compassionate and cost-effective manner. Thank you for your continued support.