School District Meals

Updated 4.3.2020

School District Meals (alphabetical by district)

Contact: Carrie Copeland

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Bethel School District


To-go breakfast and lunch


10am–12pm, M-F


•       Fairfield

•       Willamette High School

•       Prairie Mountain School

•       Malabon Elementary School

•       Prairie Mountain School

Bethel SD off-site locations 10:30-11:15, M-F •       Trainsong Park, 2775 Edison St

•       Woodland Park Estates, 1699 N. Terry

•       Alvadore Christian Church, 27373 8th St. Junction City

•       State Street Park

Look for the yellow Bethel School Bus


11:30- Noon, M-F •       Lark Park, Coraly Ave and Duke Snider Ave

•       Albertson’s Grocery, 4740 Royal Ave

•       Orchard Point Mobile Park, 27171 Clear Lake Rd

•       Irwin Park, Barger Dr, Eugene

Look for the yellow Bethel School Bus


Blachly School District Mon. bag contains breakfast/lunch for Mon/Tues

Wed. bag contains breakfast/lunch for Wed/Thurs/Fri



Triangle Lake Charter School

·  Drive up to the main gym entrance and stay in your car.

·  A staff member will ask you how many bags you need. They will place that number of bags on the table and step away.

·  Then an adult can get out of the car and get the bags.

·  Please form a line and stay in your car if there is already a car at the pick-up location.

·        One bag per child per pick up day

·        Bags are available for all children under 18 years old (and any enrolled students that are over 18)

·        The children do not need to be present in the car to receive the bag

Fern Ridge/Veneta


Lunch M-F 11am -12pm Veneta Elementary School and school-bus stops.

•       We have 13 routes occurring, however there are only a couple stops on each route.  They are at locations where the bus can stop safely and turn the engine off. At these sites the meals will be served out of the back of the bus.

o   The stops/routes are listed here.

Phone numbers are:

•       VES:  541-935-8225

•       EES:  541-935-8214

•       EHS:  541-935-8200

•       FRMS:  541-935-8230

•       If you CANNOT make it to one of these locations, and would like meals delivered to your house, and left on the front porch, we will do our best to accommodate this.

•       We will be using our activity bus to deliver to individual locations.  To get us this information, to request a drop off at a house, please leave a message on the school phone of one of your students front offices.


Creswell School District


To-go lunches 11am to 12:30pm M-F •   Creslane Elementary School, 655 W Oregon Ave, Creswell, 97426

•    Creswell Middle School,  655 W Oregon Ave, Creswell, 97426

Free for kids under 18, also offered to adults at $3 per meal
Crow-Applegate-Lorane School District


Breakfast and lunch 11am to 12:30pm M-F Applegate Elementary School Any student actively registered at Applegate Elementary School or Crow Middle/High School on March 13, 2020 is eligible to participate. To enroll, call Lee Ann 541-935-2100. If you need delivery, please let Lee Ann know and she will make arrangements.
4J Eugene School District Breakfast and lunch Mon–Fri, 11am–12pm Churchill Region

·        Arts & Technology Academy, 1650 W. 22nd Ave.

·        Chávez Elementary School, 1510 W. 14th Ave.

·        McCornack Elementary School, 1968 Brittany St.

·        Acorn Park (12:15–1 p.m.), corner of Buck Street and West 15th Ave.

North Eugene Region

·        Awbrey Park Elementary School, 158 Spring Creek Dr.

·        Howard Elementary School, 700 Howard Ave.

·        North Eugene High School, 200 Silver Lane

Sheldon Region

·        Gilham Elementary School (only MWF, 12–1 p.m.), 3307 Honeywood St.

·        Holt Elementary School, 770 Calvin St.

·        Sheldon High School, 2455 Willakenzie Rd.

South Eugene Region

·        South Eugene High School, 400 E. 19th Ave. (back of building, by the cafeteria)


·        ECCO, 200 N. Monroe St. (behind the district office)

·        Mims House, 330 High St.

Free grab-and-go meals are now available on weekdays at numerous locations to all students and youth 18 and younger. There is no income requirement or need to qualify. Students do not need to be present to receive a meal.


Please keep in mind that social distancing rules must be observed at all times. Staff, students and families picking up meals must maintain at least 6 feet of distance from any person who is not a member of their immediate household.

Junction City School District


Breakfast and lunch 12-1pm JCHS Cafeteria (at the doors going into the cafeteria by the little pump house next to gravel lot).

Starting on Monday, April 6th, we deliver meals at your child’s bus stop.

•       Please be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to time; understand that this is our best guess for what time we will be on your at your stop.

•       Questions or Concerns?  Call Terry or Tracy at First Student 998-8222. If they don’t answer, please leave a message with your student’s name, address and your phone number and they will return calls as quickly as possible.

•       You can find the routes here: Daily Meal Delivery Schedule

·        Meals can be served to any person under the age of 18 or age 19 if the person has disabilities. One breakfast and one lunch per child. Children do not have to be present.

·        Wait 10 feet back from the bus.  Let the staff know how many meals you need.  We can provide meals for any child under the age of 18 (19 if they have disabilities).

·        Once staff have stepped away from the crate with meals, you can step forward to retrieve the meals.




Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch


M-F 11am–1pm


Walk up:

·        HS Office, 47997 W 1st St Oakridge

·        First Baptist Church-Oakridge, 47606 School St.


Bus delivery routes

Now, those meals are available on our bus routes as well.

•       Please go to our website or our new App and look at the bus route for your area.

•       This is how: Website – click on menu – Departments – Transportation – scroll to the bottom of that page to find the document ‘1. Meals 2020’. Look for your route for the approximate time of arrival.

•       On our new app: click on Documents – Transportation – 1. Meals 2020. Click on that and there you are. Look for your route for the approximate time of arrival.

•       Please only send one person from the household to pick up the meals. This will help keep people healthy.

Mapleton School District


Breakfast and lunch to-go


·        Deadwood Store, 2:30-3pm

·        Swisshome Church, 3:10-3:40pm

·        Richardson Bridge (near the tracks), 2:10-2:40pm

·        Sweet Creek Road at Bernhardt Creek pull out, 3-3:30

·        Mapleton High School, 2-4pm

Marcola School District


Breakfast and lunch


Monday (M/Tues meals) and Wed (Wed/Th/F meals)

Mondays and Wednesdays, 11am-1pm

Delivery is Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm. Delivering 5 days of meals.

Marcola Elementary School •       To-go meals free for kids under 18, available for $3 a meal for adults.

•       Delivery may be available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch; please contact the district if you need to arrange for delivery 541-933-2512

McKenzie School District


Breakfast and lunch Monday (M/T/W meals) and Thursday (Th/F meals) Please meet bus at your stop.

Delivering on the 2-hour delayed bus routes.

•       View the menu

•       If you need to fill out or update your responses for the meal survey follow this link.

Pleasant Hill School District To-go breakfast and lunch


10:30am-12pm M-F Pleasant Hill Elementary School


Suislaw School District Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Time varies by location and delivery schedule

•       Siuslaw Elementary School

o   Breakfast 8:00-8:30 Lunch 11:30-12

•       Miller Park

o   Lunch 12-12:20

•       Public Library

o   Lunch 12:30-12:50

•       Siuslaw High School

o   Lunch 1-1:20

Serving Locations (via bus stop delivery).

South Lane School District To go breakfast and lunch Schools: 9-10am


·        Cottage Grove High School

·        London School

·        Dorena School


·        Bus Stops

·        8th & Arthur 9:00

·        Bohemia Park 9:15

·        16th & Pritchett 9:25 new

·        16th & Ostrander 9:30 new

·        22nd & E. Whiteaker 9:40

·        2424 Whiteaker Ave. 9:50 new

·        Faith Ctr. on Row River 10:05

·        125 Gateway Blvd. 10:20

·        11th St. & Lord 10:40

·        Saginaw Trailer Park 11:00

·        948 S 6th St. 9:00

·        Harrison & 10th 9:10 new

·        700 E. Gibbs Ave. 9:20

·        Frontier Trailer Park 9:40

·        Goodwill/Dollar Tree lot 9:40

·        Holly & River Rd. 9:50 new

·        Birch Ave & J St. 10:00

·        Bohemia Elementary 10:10

·        5th St. near Madison 10:25

·        River Walk Place 10:40


Any child, ages 0-18


•       Children DO NOT need to be present to pick up a meal.

•       These meals will continue every weekday through the state-mandated closure.

Springfield School District Hot to-go lunches and breakfast meals


11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday


  • Centennial: 1315 Aspen St, Springfield, 97477
  • Ridgeview: 526 N 66th St, Springfield, 97478
  • Two Rivers – Dos Rios: 1084 G St, Springfield, 97477
  • Guy Lee: 755 Harlow Road Springfield, 97477
  • Yolanda: 2350 Yolanda Ave, Springfield, OR 97477
  • Agnes Stewart: 900 S 32nd St, Springfield, 97478
  • Walterville: 40589 McKenzie Hwy, Springfield, 97478
  • Maple: 2109 J St, Springfield, 97477
  • Riverbend Elementary: 320 N 51st, St, Springfield, 97478
•       Springfield Public Schools will continue to serve meals to all children ages 1 to 18 years old.

•       Families can pick up meals at any of the schools listed.