Remembering long-time FFLC volunteer Bradley Hyder

Bradley Hyder loved to travel and see new places. He loved firetrucks and listening to his police scanner. He was active in Special Olympics and won many medals for swimming, bowling,
weightlifting and track. He loved to laugh. He loved family gatherings, chocolate fountains, deviled eggs, cigars and fireworks.

And he loved FOOD For Lane County.

“Brad took great pride in working in the kitchen at FOOD For Lane County,” said Allison Hyder, Brad’s sister. “He loved the community, and he loved the fact that he was helping people.”

Brad passed away on November 10 at his sister’s home surrounded by family and friends. He was 63.

He began working at FFLC in 2009. Over the years, he donated over 3,100 hours preparing food for others in our community. He got the job through Senior & Disabled Services, working with a job coach.

“Brad was especially proud that he was entrusted with chopping onions,” Allison said. “For some reason they didn’t make him cry. When I would pick him up, he’d be so excited telling me about the things he chopped and all the people he helped that day. That’s what fueled him.”

“Brad experienced his fair share of bullying for being different. But through all the times he was treated badly, he would just say, ‘They don’t know what they’re saying. That’s them.
It’s not me.’ He would be comforting me because I would be so mad.”

Brad lived with his mother until her death in 2013. Before she died, she left Brad in charge of the family.

“He took that job very seriously,” Allison said. “I have three daughters. I’ve got grandkids, and there are lots of nieces and nephews. Uncle Brad was a big part of all their lives. He
never passed up an opportunity to tell them how much he loved them.”

“Brad was an exceptional human being,” Allison said. “He had a gentle spirit and a sweet soul. I know how much he loved going to FOOD For Lane County, and I know the
community there loved him as well.”

A one-day drive in Brad’s honor raised 308 pounds of food and $375 — enough to provide 1,382 meals. Our hearts go out to Brad’s family and friends. We miss him.