Paying it Forward


by Gary Powell, FFLC Board Chair

While serving as a Summer Food Program Monitor, I had the chance to visit with one of the moms who had brought her two children to the park for lunch. She mentioned to me that while she has never had much money, she always set aside a small amount to donate to FOOD for Lane County because she believed in its mission.

Two years ago she made the decision to return to college so that she could better her life. She will be a junior next year majoring in sociology at the University of Oregon. She wants to be a social worker to help other families. However, returning to college has put her own family in a position where they have had to rely on an emergency food box from time to time. Hence her gratitude for the Summer Food Program for her children.

“But you know what?” she asked me. “When I finish college and get a job, I am going to be a donor to FOOD for Lane County once again.”

Here is a woman who paid it forward, is now in need of our services and is looking forward to the day when she can pay it back for others.

I hope her story inspires others.