FOOD For Lane County prepared to serve gradually increasing number of people

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — The need for food assistance is gradually growing across Lane County amid high inflation, according to FOOD For Lane County’s executive director, Tom Mulhern.

FOOD For Lane County is prepared to meet the increasing demand, he said.

The nonprofit built up a large inventory of food during the last year and a half, Mulhern said. They’re starting to eat into that inventory now.

He said there’s a reason the number of people accessing these services hasn’t been climbing faster in the early months of the year.

“The reason it’s not more than gradual, we think is because of the SNAP benefits, the food stamp benefits,” Mulhern said. “They have been increased during COVID to an emergency level for most people who are eligible for SNAP and that continues to be authorized on a month by month basis.”


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By KEZI staff