February is the last month federal government will allow Oregon to issue pandemic emergency food benefits

February will be the last month that emergency SNAP allotments are added to people’s accounts. For the past two years, Oregon SNAP users have had an extra amount added to their account midway through the month. Users will continue to get their regular SNAP benefits in March 2023 and onward, but because the emergency benefit will no longer be distributed, most users will see a significant decrease in the overall amount in their accounts.

federal law changes: SNAP emergency allotments end after February 2023. Beginning in March 2023 you will receive only your normal monthly allotment
  • SNAP households will continue to receive their regular SNAP benefits after February.
  • March 2023 will be the first month since April 2020 that most people on SNAP in Oregon will only receive their regular SNAP food benefits.

Oregonians who receive SNAP are encouraged to prepare for this change in the food benefits they receive.


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By Oregon Department of Human Services and FFLC Partner Agency Services staff