Community pantries offer helping hand

Limited access to food is a widespread issue that affects numerous communities in the area, including students in Lane County. UO associate dean of students, Jimmy Howard, explained more about the importance of students’ secure access to food.

“Food security is foundational to how people live and thrive. I think most people would probably be surprised at how many students have skipped a meal. Maybe they have access to food. But again, it may be very limited access,” Howard said.

A food insecurity survey conducted by FOOD For Lane County in 2021 provides more insight into how many college students in the area struggle with food security, as 1,100 people out of 1,977 in the survey identified as students.

The Student Food Pantry is located on 19th Avenue and Emerald Street and is available for students Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 4 p.m.

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