Birthday Club: A new way to give in 2019

You’ve seen it on Facebook and GoFundMe … crowdsourcing has become a new way for non-profits to receive donations. People are now inviting friends and family to join them in donating to favorite causes.


Through a company called, FOOD For Lane County is now reaching out to a new generation of donors through online crowdfunding and peer to peer campaigns. While you can still donate through our website’s donation page, this campaign is fun way to inspire others to join you in giving!


Birthday Club: This club was inspired by some children and adults who decided to dedicate their birthdays to helping others through food/fund drives at their birthday parties. You can still celebrate and give in this way but we have added an additional way to give through the Birthday Club page. The easiest way to join is by signing up here. Here, you can follow easy steps to 1) Personalize your photo and story 2) Set a fundraising goal 3) Share with others through email, Facebook, and twitter, and 4) Observe who gives, comments, and shares.

We have the ability to set up special campaigns for any business or organization who wishes to have a customized drive.  If you would like to find out more about setting up a peer-to-peer campaign or crowdfunding, contact Stefani here. You can also visit the Birthday Club page or any of these campaigns: Virtual Food Drive or Alleviate Hunger to see how it works!