Biden Administration Unveils Plan Aiming to End Hunger in U.S. by 2030

WASHINGTON — President Biden promised on Wednesday to end hunger in the United States by the end of the decade, unveiling an expansive government effort during the first White House conference on health and nutrition in 50 years.

The meeting of hundreds of policymakers, health activists, farmers and business leaders came at a time of steep inflation in the United States. Lines at food banks are swelling. Food prices are rising at their fastest rate in four decades. And fears of a recession that could toss more Americans into unemployment lines are growing.

“In every country in the world, in every state in this country, no matter what else divides us, if a parent cannot feed a child, there’s nothing else that matters to that parent,” Mr. Biden said in an address to the conference. It was the first such gathering since 1969, when President Richard M. Nixon hosted a summit that aimed to end hunger in America “for all time.”

President Biden removes a bag of carrots from a box next to a conveyor belt, wearing a black face mask and rubber gloves. Dr. Jill Biden and others are in the foreground.

The White House plan hinges on $8 billion in commitments from the private sector to help fight hunger, including $4 billion that will be dedicated by philanthropies that are focused on expanding access to healthy food. The investments will come from some of the largest corporations in America, including Google, Tyson Foods and Walgreens.

Other actions include expanding nutrition research and encouraging the food industry to lower sodium and sugar.


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By Alan Rappeport, The New York Times