Helping children get the nutrition they need

During the school year, Jennifer works in the kitchen at Harrison Elementary in Cottage Grove.

This summer she also worked for FOOD for Lane County as a Summer Food Program site supervisor, serving free lunches to children and teens.

When Jennifer was younger she needed our Summer Food lunches.

“My mom was a single parent and worked two jobs. She worked really hard, but it was still a struggle to put food on the table. During the summer I was responsible for taking care of my brother. We used the FOOD for Lane County free lunch program every day that we could.


We relied on that program. I don’t know what we would have done without it.”

Our Summer Food Program is one way we are helping children get the nutrition they need during the summer when they are at higher risk of hunger. Too many children live in low-income working families struggling to make ends meet. More than one in four (25.3%) Lane County children live in food insecure households, and more than half (53.4%) of all Lane County children qualify for free lunches during the school year.

Jennifer sees childhood hunger at school and is helping to make a difference.

“I know a lot of kids only get one meal a day. That’s a scary thing to think about. With this program I can reach a lot more people, and that makes me very happy. I enjoy being involved in something that’s worthwhile. It makes me feel really good about life.

Jennifer loves being a mom. It’s the most important job she has.

“I hope my kids can be successful and happy in their life. I hope they don’t have to struggle like I did. I will go without a meal before my kids go without. I’ll make sure they have something to eat because that’s what you do as a mom. That’s what you do as a parent.”

Help us continue to provide food to families with children like Jennifer’s and thousands more Lane County residents facing hunger. Please give generously, and know that your financial gift will be used immediately to strengthen a countywide food distribution network.