Dining Room closed June 24 – July 5

The Dining Room will be closing as of June 24th. We will re-open on July 8th.

It is during this time we spruce up the place (after all we will have up to 50,000 folks coming and going through our front door this past year) Between our 25 volunteers a day, musicians, dinner guests, service providers, a bit of paint and elbow grease will not go amiss. With the help of some of our fabulous volunteers, and our man Robin, a new storage shed will be built in the back cage while we are closed. Another volunteer will be doing some professional painting in our bathrooms. This time is also a great time for the Dining Room team to get out and about.

We all take on so much more than what a normal popular restaurant provides. Our community is frequently acknowledging the positive impact you have helped us create for our homeless neighbors.